About the Dominican Literacy Center

Since 1993, over 2,500 women have come to the Dominican Literacy Center to learn to read, write and speak English. Many of these women had little or no education in their home countries, but they know that, to succeed in their new country, it is necessary for them to learn English.

  We believe that individual tutoring by trained volunteers is an excellent way to impart language instruction. Our trained volunteers help each woman to understand her strengths and weaknesses, and to use those strengths to learn English. The outcome of this tutoring program is women who can communicate and participate totally in the their families, their communities, and their workplaces.   At the Dominican Literacy Center we believe that each woman has a right to have a voice in her new country, and we help her find that unique voice.

Our Staff

Claire Wiesner-Smillie

Sr. Jane Ann Beckman
Citizenship Program Coordinator

Alison Brzezinski
ESL Tutoring Coordinator

Betsy O’Donnell
Registrar / Testing

Elisa Barocio
Secretary / Interpreter

Nadine Stadel

The Advisory Board

The role of the Advisory Board is to support the Mission of the Center and to act as a liaison between the Center and his/her community.  An Advisory Board member gives opinions or advice on matters that come before the board, assists with fund-raising, and helps the Center to be responsive to community needs and to connect with various groups and businesses in the Aurora area.


* The Hispanic Pioneers Award

Did You Know?

Year Founded

women have Participated in our Programs

of the people of Aurora, IL <br>(pop. 200, 456) <br>are immigrants from other countries, and speak another language as their 1st Language

of Illinois residents (2.6 million) could benefit from adult literacacy of English Language Instruction