Ofrenda for Day of the Dead

Sr. Kathleen RyanPress

Our Monday evening Conversation Class group created this “ofrenda” to celebrate the Day of the Dead.  Students at the DLC are invited to place their own mementos in honor of family members who have passed away. 

Day of the Dead is a very important day for many people in Mexico and for many people born in Central and South America.

In some cities and towns, family members prepare an altar in their homes for their loved ones who have passed away and put a photo of the individual on the altar.  They prepare their loved one’s favorite meal and place it on the altar as an offering.  They may also put a bottle of that person’ favorite beverage, a favorite sweet or even an object that was special to them, such as a deck of cards or a record, on the altar.  The altars may be decorated with candles or flowers representative of this celebration.

In addition to the altars some people take these foods to the cemetery and place the food on the grave of their loved one, along with flowers and candles.

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